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Bristol Trans Portraits is a visibility and education project featuring the trans community in and around Bristol, UK. Founded by Nicky Ebbage in July 2020, the

project hosts free photo-days for trans/nonbinary people, who are then also given a platform to talk about their experiences.

The project aims to educate those who are not well versed in transgender issues, while providing an empowering experience for all who take part.

Participation is open to anyone in Bristol or the surrounding areas who identifies as trans or non-binary (along with those who are gender-non-conforming but would prefer not to label themselves). Priority is always given to given to groups that are often underrepresented in visibility projects, including Black folks, Asian folks and any People of Colour, those who are disabled, and anyone over the age of 40. We commit to reserving 50% of all our photo-day spaces for People of Colour.

"Visibility isn't truly visibility until ALL members of the community are seen. For this reason, while the project is open to anyone who is trans, I especially want to use it to promote the visibility of those within our community who face more structural barriers."

 - Nicky Ebbage, project founder




Nicky is a Chesterfield-born, Bristol-based freelance photographer. Nicky's work covers weddings, portraits, gigs and events; they specialise in working with LGBTQ people and organisations. Above all, they are passionate about building accessibility and inclusivity into their work; to that end, Nicky offers reduced rate pricing for those on low-income, commits to a consent based approach to photo sharing, and aims to work with diverse groups of people.

Clients include Bristol Old Vic, Travelling Light Theatre Company, Bristol Folk Festival, and St George's Bristol, where they are currently one of two house photographers. Nicky's work has also been published both in regional and national newspapers, and they were featured in the Bristol Pink List in 2020 and 2021. In January 2021, they were invited to be part of the Critical Friends Committee at the Royal Photographic Society - a small collection of photographers appointed to review diversity and inclusion within the organisation. Outside of photography, Nicky works part-time in a theatre and music venue - where, in August 2021, they delivered trans awareness training workshops to over 100 staff members and volunteers.

"I started Bristol Trans Portraits because I believe visibility and representation put us in a better position to advocate for our rights, educate others and fight transphobia."