Bristol Trans Portraits is a community photo project which expects no form of payment from its participants; every photoshoot is free to ensure there are no barriers to getting involved. 

For this reason, the project relies on donations to sustain itself. If you love the project and what it's doing, please consider becoming a supporter on Patreon. You can support us for as little as £2 per month, and we've included a ton of benefits to say thank you, from sneak peaks to a printed photobook!


On a practical level it pays for webhosting and other administrative costs - if we have 10 patrons at £2 per month, this allows us to pay for webhosting and marketing costs for an entire year! In particular, we'd like to have a logo designed (and would like to commission a trans/queer artist to design it for us!). Eventually, we'd like to be able to expand to create educational resources and pamphlets based on the project. 

Two of the major aims for this project have always been to hold an exhibition and produce a photobook. We don't have the means to do any of that without financial backing, so your support will also be going towards ensuring that both of those things can happen!


On a broader level, though, your support enables the project to exist in the first place. Bristol Trans Portraits is run entirely by me (Nicky! (hi!)) and I do everything from photographing and editing to admin to marketing to web design. Outside of this project I'm currently on fairly low-income, and unfortunately what this means is I have to prioritise any paid work I am offered. I'd love to be able to focus more time on Bristol Trans Portraits - and in particular I'd like to ensure that the project can truly develop into an educational resource. When you become a Patreon Supporter, you're not only helping to keep the project alive, but you're also giving it the opportunity to grow into something bigger.