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If you're interested in having your photos taken for this project, all you need to do is fill in the form at the bottom of the page. Once I've received your form, I'll get in touch about featuring you, and we'll organise a mutually convenient time and place for a photoshoot. There will also be another questionnaire about your experiences of being trans to fill in before your session. I choose one person each month - on a first come, first served basis - to be featured. A number of your photos will then be posted on social media over the course of the month, accompanied by written text submitted by you. I'll also send you all the finished photos for you own personal use.

My portrait shoots usually take around an hour and a half, though we'll spend some of that time chatting, so we can get comfortable around each other and I can learn more about what kinds of photographs you want. Due to covid-19 restrictions the majority of these shoots will take place outdoors around Bristol, however if you're interested in something more specific, or have any safety concerns about having your photos taken in public, please let me know and we can come up with an alternative.​

The photos can be in the style of formal looking portraits and headshots, or it could be some cute photographs of you with a pet, or it could be something much more artistic feeling - or anything else you feel like! You're also very welcome to take part with another person or as part of a group, but due to the covid-19 pandemic I'm currently limiting group sizes.


Participation is open to anyone in Bristol or the surrounding areas who identifies as trans or non-binary (along with those who are gender-non-conforming but would prefer not to label themselves!). I would especially like to invite Black folks, Asian folks and any people of colour, along with sex workers, and anyone who is disabled to get involved. Visibility isn't truly visibility until ALL members of the community are seen. For this reason, while the project is open to anyone who is trans, I especially want to use it to promote the visibility of those within our community who face more structural barriers.

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Thank you for submitting! We'll aim to get back to you within the next three days!