Bristol Trans Portraits is a transgender visibility and education project which expects no form of payment from its participants; every photoshoot is free to ensure there are no as few barriers as possible to getting involved. 

For this reason, the project relies on donations to sustain itself. At present the majority of our donations come from our Patreon supporters, who donate between £2-£10 per month!

The absolute best, most awesome way to support us is by becoming a Patreon subscriber. You can support us for as little as £2 per month, and we've included a ton of benefits to say thank you, from sneak peaks to a printed photobook!

If you are unable to support the project financially, you can help us out by giving us a follow either on instagram or facebook, and liking, commenting on and sharing our posts - all of these actions (especially commenting!) help our ranking with social media algorithms, and enable more people to see the project!


Currently, our Patreon donations go towards the practical running costs of project; at time of writing, we have 5 patrons, meaning that our web-hosting costs are completely covered. With more supporters we'd be able to expand the scope of the project - such as creating printed materials including leaflets and pamphlets to use at community events, including as Bristol Pride or Trans Pride South West - which in itself will encourage more awareness and participation. Eventually, we'd like to be able to expand to create educational resources based on the project.

Two of the major aims for Bristol Trans Portraits have always been to hold an exhibition and produce a photobook. We don't have the means to do any of that without financial backing, so your support (in collaboration with grants) will also be going towards ensuring that both of those things can happen!

On a broader level, though, your support will ensure that the project can become something bigger. Bristol Trans Portraits is currently run by just one person (Nicky (hi!)), on an entirely voluntary basis. I'd love to be able to focus more time on Bristol Trans Portraits and eventually expand - Trans Portraits UK, anyone? My ambition is to someday create a network of trans photographers across the whole of the UK, who are working on this project - with further opportunities for mentorship and development. I'm a huge believer in the idea that artists and creative professionals (and everyone!!!) should be paid fairly for their work, and I'd like to ensure that the project has enough financial backing that I am able to hire trans photographers and pay them fairly.

Obviously, grants and funding will play a large role in making this happen, but grassroots support, including our Patreon subscribers, will also help us out a lot!

So if you love the project and what it's doing, please consider becoming a supporter on Patreon! When you become a Patreon Supporter, you're not only helping to keep the project alive, but you're also giving us the opportunity to grow into something bigger.


We appreciate everyone who supports us so much, and wanted to officially say thank you here on the website. Without your support, the project wouldn't be where it is today!

Aimee Fowkes

Jane Haslam

Justin Goodhart

Alex Harman

Sarah Beharry